Saturday, December 17, 2011

Archie-Christmas Treasure-1995

Here's a lovely, sentimental Christmas tale featuring Archie and the gang. No idea of the artist on this nicely drawn story although he's clearly DOING DeCarlo. Perhaps it is DeCarlo? Or maybe one of his sons? Doesn't look like Stan Goldberg or Dan Parent to me. Archie Comics being what they are, this story may well be a reprint from an earlier time.


cartoonjoe said...

That is Stan Goldberg on pencils...from the look of the fashions, I'd say this is a reprint from the mid 70s/early 80s, at least.

Booksteve said...

I discounted Goldberg because his Betty tended to have a unique look but I suppose I was more thinking of the later Goldberg. A lovely story and some nice art, though! Thanks!

Rowan Morrison said...

99% sure it is Stan Goldberg with D'Agostino on inks. He's hard to pin down bc his style changed quite a bit when D'Agostino stopped inking for him. Nice Christmas post!