Friday, December 2, 2011

Sticky Mitt Stimson-Russell Cole-1938

 Here's one of the back-up stories from ACTION COMICS # 1 that the in the news anonymous buyer of the best surviving copy ever (at more than two million dollars) will never see and probably wouldn't care about if he did. "Alger" was Russell Cole and loaded down all four of DC's books at the time with these types of lovely if only marginally funny strips.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

I remember this from the DC 1st Editions large-format reprint of Action #1. That last page is just insane, what with the second (real) laborer popping up in panel three, the unexplained over-reactions in the next-to-last panel, and just the very idea of those bullies in blue looking for any reason to use their sticks on the first poor sucker running around the corner.

Page two is a hoot, though, with Sticky and the cop perspiring wildly mere feet apart but not seeing each other. And page one is also priceless, if only for the reactions of both the cop and the pedestrian, that strange little drip-slobbering dog, and what appear to be streets literally paved with shining gold. Was that deliberate?

Unknown said...

Ha! So that's where Joost Swarte got his start.