Monday, July 21, 2014

Wonder Woman-Marston/Peter-1941

Everyone who's ever read one knows just how wacky a Golden Age WONDER WOMAN story can be and this particular one has to be one of the wackiest. First let me play Leonard Maltin and apologize for the Mammy stereotype on page 2. Historical context, etc, etc.  H.G. Peter's art takes some getting used to but it really was perfect for this strip. And he really was quite good at layouts. Check out the bottom of Page 3 where the boat seems to continue from panel to panel as one piece giving a real sense of the speed of events in that sequence. But then just groove to the weirdness of it all.


Brian Barnes said...

Did Marston ever meet a fetish he didn't like? We've got the bondage, the slave/master, the spanking, the age regression, branding, and the worst, most sick of all .. ALLIGATOR WRESTLING!

cartoonjoe said...

Anyone else here notice WW's shorts getting progressively shorter as the story goes on?