Monday, July 7, 2014

Wildfire-Jim Mooney-1941

Jim Mooney had an affinity for female heroines throughout his long career, being best known for the Silver Age adventures of SUPERGIRL but also well-remembered for the cult strip PUSSYCAT. Here he is way back at the start of his career, introducing an all-new heroine in Quality's SMASH COMICS, certainly one of the most consistently impressive Golden Age titles of them all. 


Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I never cared for the Supergirl art that he did. It always looked like all his characters were related to each other by blood. They all had a Mooney family resemblance. I love his early art, it's very interesting. He also drew a lot of the Lash Lightning stories for Ace.

Darci said...

IIRC there was a blog entry a few years ago by a fellow who co-owned a book shop in Southern California with Jim. He stated that Supergirl was modeled on Jim's wife. I write this fellow to ask more about her, but he never replied. Anyone else know?
P. S. I think the same thing was said about Wildfire and Jim's first wife.