Thursday, July 24, 2014

Coby-Mort Drucker(?)-1954

Some cute art here that looks mostly like Drucker's early work and he DID do this feature in another issue but there's something about it that looks a bit off to be him. 


Daniel [] said...

Drucker's here, but perhaps in collaboration with someone else, such as Oksner.

This story doesn't hold together. Coby wanted Tommy to be more like I.Q. and I.Q. wanted Betty to be more like Coby, but Tommy hadn't wanted Coby to be more like Betty, nor had Betty wanted I.Q. to be more like Tommy. 6:2-3 effect a false resolution.

(And 4:6 is just fr_ggin' annoying!)

Arben said...

This story features Coby, Kitsy, Tommy, Betty, and "I.Q.", so clearly not everything happens to Harvey.