Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Ghost-George Mandel-1942

Another comic book mystic, this one a "master of yogi magic." Artist George Mandel was injured in World War II and in later years became somewhat successful as a novelist. 


Daniel [] said...


The ending was great! They let a murder go, on a theory ex nihilo that he had “learned his lesson”, and in the final panel we see that the Ghost and Betty had themselves swiped the emerald! (I guess that the joke was on Iknaton!)

Arben said...

The pharaoh does promise the emerald to the captor of "Fenton and his fellow thieves" but in-panel he appears to be speaking more to his guards. And I still find it strange that our hero would actually take it as reward -- if not as strange, nor worrisome, as letting the murderous Fenton go. Leaving aside the simple horror of all those Egyptian citizens being mowed down, one hopes that none of them were scheduled to procreate or affect the course of history in literally any other way.