Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mr. Terrific-Stan Aschmeier-1944

By request, here's Mr. Terrific, champion of Fair Play, with an atypical sci-fi outing. The art is by Stan Aschmeier, AKA Stan Asch AKA Stan Josephs, one of the go-to guys for second string superheroes at DC in those days.


Charles Edward Rogers said...

Hey, just wanted to thank you for all your great work. I look forward to reading each evening.

jim said...

Thanks that was great.

Now, I've always enjoyed Mr. Terrific, but if you were in the future & could pick ANY super-hero from the past to save you, wouldn't it be Superman???? lol

PS - That "World Tyrant', Black Barax were pretty easy to defeat. No futurist ray guns or atomic bombs, just swords. And his mob consisted of only a small bunch of mugs. .

Still, it was a lot of fun.


wmeisel said...

"Something tells me I have been doing a bit of time traveling into the future" reminds me of "I have the strangest feeling I'm being turned into a puppet."

Thanks, Steve.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Thanks for listening.