Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Toreador From Texas-Alex Toth-1950

We had a request for a non-King Faraday story from 1950's DANGER TRAIL. While that title is justly admired for it's Carmine Infantino art, it did, in fact, feature other excellent artists, all of whom seemed at something of a peak in that period. Giacoia, Elias, Oksner, Giella...and Alex Toth. We actually ran a Toth tale from DANGER TRAIL previously about two years back. It's one of our most popular posts still! You can catch it here after you read this one!


wmeisel said...

Thanks, Steve, both for this story, and the earlier Alex Toth one, that I had somehow missed.

Boletin de loterĂ­as y toros said...

From Spain, thanks for the story. Do you know more comics about bullfights?