Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Old Hulk-Doug Wildey-1965

We've had a request for more Doug Wildey art so here he is from the mid-60s channeling Al Williamson's EC art on a Harvey back-up story. As for the title, I don't see any green guys anywhere.

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Daniel [] said...

Well, the story is built around a paradox of time travel, but just waves it away in the last two panels.

If Captain Serratt had 34 years of space-travel as of 2004, then he would of course had to have begun in 1974. Expecting the establishment of something like a space corps in just 8 or 9 years (from 1965) was quite a stretch. But I suppose that it would mesh well with the fantasies of some of the readers, who could imagine themselves being amongst the earliest members of that corps.