Monday, January 20, 2014

The Seven Soldiers of Victory-Part One of Seven-1944

We had a request for the Law's Legionaires from LEADING COMICS. Normally we shy away from stories as long as theirs but we decided to run it as a serial. So now through next Sunday, you can enjoy this unique episode of the group's adventures, written by Joe Samachson and with art throughout by Arturo Cazeneuve.


wmeisel said...

Wow, Steve. This is great. I'm also a big fan of the SSOV.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Hey thanks man. I really appreciate it. since I've never read an original story of theirs I didn't know how long they were. Thanks man.

Wow they really did screw up Star Spangled Kid's head every time. I wonder what is so hard about drawing that mask?

Jeff Baker said...

Do you remember, about 1975 DC published a previously written but never illustrated or published 7 Soldiers story in several issues (I think) of Adventure Comics? Somebody named "Willie Wisher" was the main menace. (I've just discovered this blog of yours and am bumming my way through it--great fun!)