Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mister Scarlet-Charles Tomsey-1942

Once again, our annual request for Fawcett stalwart (and Pinky's idol), MISTER SCARLET. This time, as last time, from a Mr. S.D. This particular hero was not a particularly 'mazing man (ahem) but he was certainly colorful!

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Daniel [] said...

As an economist, I wince.

Wilcox has attempted a number of murders, and is allowed to buy his way out. The incentives seem perverse. Had he known in advance that, if worse-came-to-worse, he'd have to replace his buildings, the attempt to torch them, killing people in process, wouldn't have seemed a bad gamble.

Had Mr Scarlett not let Wilcox off the hook, his victims could have bettered their economic lot by suing his _ss.

Urban renewal is imagined as a way of making communities more livable, but it replaces cheap, high-density housing with more expensive, lower-density housing. In practice, the poor tend to be driven to live elsewhere, in worse places whose rental prices are thereby pushed-up.