Friday, January 3, 2014

Ibis the Invincible-Whiz Comics-1944

One of the more prominent of the scores of comic book magic men was Fawcett's Ibis the Invincible, always fiddling with his Ibistick. Here's a fun little wartime Ibis story with a gremlin or a goblin or...well..a little man who wasn't there.

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Daniel [] said...

Ibis and Taia are fairly appealing characters; and, at least when Taia is better drawn, I'm typically glad to see one of their appearances. But this story illustrates the basic problem with almost all of their stories — the Ibistick is far too powerful for real drama or suspense; Ibis has the solution literally in hand from the start, but fails to make good use of it, at least until an avoidable mess has been created.