Saturday, January 11, 2014

Leopard Girl-Vince Colletta-1955

The much maligned--and sometimes deservedly so--Vince Colletta solos here at 1950's Atlas This being  post-Code jungle girl series, Leopard Girl is so completely covered up in here outfit that I bet she about died in the jungle heat!


None said...

As a huge fan of Vince Colletta as both an artist and an inker, viewing these pages made me feel like a kid in a candy store. He uses so many effects in his work and where backgrounds are either sparse or non-existent, it is obvious that his intention is to direct the reader's eye to the foreground figures. In the last two panels, where most artists would have detailed the palm trees and house, Colletta, using artistic sensibility, silhouettes them in order to focus on the main figures. Props to the colorist (perhaps at Vince's direction?) who painted the foreground of the last panel in a purplish monotone which not only shows an evening hue but also presents a stunning contrast to the full-color panels that precede it. Of course, no comic book artist ever came close to drawing prettier women that Colletta and this story only reinforces that belief. Good job, Steve.

Daniel [] said...

Colletta's work would be fondly remembered if he hadn't, as an inker, perverted the work of other, better artists.