Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sub-Mariner-Ken Bald-1948

Here's another wacky Subby story, this one from Ken Bald. How the strip went from arguably THE most sophisticated strip of its day a decade earlier and this is a mystery. These kinds of stories ARE great fun, however.


wmeisel said...

Steve - could you elaborate? I have only read a few golden age Namor stories; what about the series makes you consider it so sophisticated?

Also - if you own it, I would love to see Sheldon Mayer meets the Red Tornado, from All American Comics 45, which I recently read about online.


Booksteve said...

The plots of the early Sub-Mariner stories were decidedly more adult than those of most comics characters and he was very much more the anti-hero than the hero. Bill Everett's art from day one was a hundred times more polished and professional than that of most comics illustrators. The earliest Namor strips have a modern feel even now--even over such as Kirby who would go on to better Everett in time. While Everett participated in the domestication of his character and kept returning to him throughout his career, the art and writing under others took some bizarre turns indeed such as the unceasing triangle shape of Namor's head and the major use of slang.

Oh, and as for the Red Tornado story you request, check back after Midnight US Eastern time! You're welcome.