Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lady Luck-Nick Cardy-1941

Pretty sure this holiday story of LADY LUCK--more often associated with Klaus Nordling--is by the recently deceased (in 2013) Nick Cardy, back when he was at the Eisner studio as Nicholas Viscardi.

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Daniel [] said...

I'm somewhat reminded of the radio show Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator. In a number of its episodes, a bomb has a timer that, logically, it need not. In those Craig stories, as here, the ticking enables the detection of a bomb as such. For example, Craig turns the ignitiion switch of his car, something starts ticking, and he flings himself from his vehicle in time to escape the explosion.

This Lady Luck story is, of course, very nicely drawn, and the essential joke is a good one. But, in panels 4:5-6, the heroes are behaving in a decidely unheroic manner, tossing death to the other fellow; that part of the story was quite ill-considered.