Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sad Sack-Fred Rhoads (?)-1962

Another one of those comic books I avoided for decades because I didn't like the art, I've only recently become a SAD SACK convert. Why? Because it's genuinely funny much of the time. Created in WWII by Sgt. George Baker, Harvey Comics had almost as many SAD SACK comics over the years as they had RICHIE RICH comics!


  1. Definitely Fred Rhoads' work. He was to Sad Sack what Carl Barks was to the Disney ducks. His style was cleaner than that of creator George Baker (who continued to draw the covers till he died). There was at least one other artist besides Rhoads and Baker.
    Odd that he would become a popular character with kids, even though his name came from the military expression "sad sack of sh**." (Special editions of the Sack comics were available for free at military bases and USO clubs.)

    1. The other artist is Jack O'Brien.