Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The True Story of Batman and Robin-Win Mortimer-1946

I've seen this little gem on the Net before but couldn't resist posting it again. This is the cleaned up, whitewashed and almost completely fictional version of Batman's creation as told by Bob Kane (maybe) and illustrated by sometime Kane ghost Winslow Mortimer. Seriously, we know now that virtually nothing happened in real life the way it does in this story...but in 1946, just 7 years after the first Batman stories, this was the official version!


  1. I'm amused that this was published in Real Facts Comics. What an egomaniacal jerk Kane was.

  2. The bizarre thing is that Kane seems genuinely to have convinced himself that if he work was presented in his name then, in all important respects, he'd effectively done it himself.

    When last I knew, DC was maintaining the core myth — that Kane had created the Batman. With Kane gone, I don't know why they don't acknowledge that Bill Finger (drawing heavily on the Shadow and at least somewhat on the Black Bat of Black Book Detective and on Rinehart and Hopwood's Bat) created the Batman.

  3. I read somewhere that Kane's contract stated that DC legally had to list Kane as Batman's sole creator.

    1. Yes. DC seems bound by the agreement with Kane that he is the sole creator of Batman. There is further evidence that he is the villain that turned DC against Siegel and Shuster. Kane is Batman's greatest and most sinister rogue.

  4. Real Fact Comics?This story is as real as their 1947 story about man landing on Mars in the year 1960.(This was in Real Fact #6.)