Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hollywood Stunt Girl-Joe Kubert-1953

Anyone who ever doubted the great Joe Kubert's influence on the young Steve Ditko need only look at this lovely story from Kubert's early peak period at St. John Publishing. Ditko may have pre-dated the much lauded Kubert School by many years but he was nonetheless an excellent student!

Although a relatively serious (if light-hearted) tale, HOLLYWOOD STUNT GIRL actually appeared as a back-up strip in the first issue of THE THREE STOOGES!


  1. Great vintage Kubert, thanks for posting. As for the Three Stooges connection, well, why not?
    Kubert's long-time friend and partner Norman Maurer was Moe Howard's son-in-law, and Kubert himself met Moe at no less an occasion than the wedding which brought Maurer into the Howard family. Furthermore, Moe enlisted Maurer to develop the 'Stooges comic. Makes sense for Maurer to bring Kubert into it somehow!

  2. you're certainly not wrong about the Ditko thing, are you? it's glaringly obvious when it's held up in front of your face. great stuff.

  3. Thanks! Three Stooges #1 is one of the few books I haven't got.