Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Ratz Brothers-Hawley Pratt-1944

Here's yet another animation veteran working in comics. Starting early with Disney, Pratt was a mainstay in Friz Freleng's Warner Brothers division and involved with the creation of Sylvester and Tweety. Following Friz to Depatie-Freleng, it's Pratt who is often credited with designing the Pink Panther!


top_cat_james said...

From the Ratz Brothers to the Brothers Matzoriley.

The Warner Bros. influence is highly evident - the look and tone are exactly like a Looney Tunes cartoon of the era. I'm even hearing Mel Blanc as I read the dialogue.

MFM said...

Well, here we are once again: So MANY amazing, underappreciated artists in funny animal/kids comics. I'm afraid it still may be many decades until ALL these wonderful talents are thoroughly rediscovered and appreciated.

And "too young to enlist," kids? No problem, you'll have Korea.