Monday, July 25, 2016

Li'L Abner-Al Capp-1941

Considering how early it was, this particular ABNER ad might actual be by Capp. Most later ones featuring his characters were done by assistants and, at best, had the faces retouched by Capp.


Dale said...

Capp is one the most glaring cases of having to separate the man from the work. While I've never been a Lil' Abner fan really,Al Capp himself I find repulsive. Ask anyone from Goldie Hawn to John Lennon (you can't dig him up but there's filmed evidence of Capp's rampant foul conduct.) I understand he lost a leg. Good. He should have lost his head. I'd piss on his grave if I knew where it was. Can you assist me with that BookSteve?

Booksteve said...

"Ah aims ta pleeze," as Abner himself might have said.