Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beezy-Bernard Dibble-1948

Here's yet another of the gazillion or so Archie-like strips from 1940s and '50s comic books. This one  offers up the smooth art of Bernard "Dib" Dibble, who at various times worked on many newspaper strips such as FRITZI RITZ, LOOEY DOT DOPE and THE CAPTAIN AND THE KIDS.


Unknown said...

Mr. Fitzbilly's boiling point is even lower than Lewis Black's!

wmeisel said...

This seems a surprisingly "modern" story for the 40s.

rnigma said...

Dibble seemed to be United Features' counterpart to Doc Winner at King Features - sort of a pinch-hitter/ghost. He also took over the "Cynical Susie" strip when its original artist, La Verne Harding, left to become a full time animator for Walter Lantz.