Sunday, September 28, 2014

Squat Car Squad-Gay Comics-1946

Dick Briefer wasn't the ONLY one to have a parody of Frankenstein's Monster in the Golden Age of Comics. No, here's a not bad one from...well, I don't know who it's from but it's a good one!


BillyWitchDoctor said...

I wish I could be more helpful in identifying the artist, but at least I might be able to provide a lead: around this time, there was a guy whose characters had the sweat-radiating, shiny-and-wide-eyed po-faced look of the short cop here--except CONSTANTLY--and his work also featured the unique lettering we see here in the bolded wording (the monster's growls in two of the last three pages).

Can't remember the artist's name, but I do recall that he had a feature starring a boy pirate as one of the backups in the early run of a Golden Age title. I'm gonna start rifling through my library until I find the man's name, because now it's makin' me cray-cray.

JoJo B. said...

This is Milt Stein. If you have any other stories featuring him please share! Thanks!