Saturday, November 30, 2013

Doctor Fate-Howard Sherman-1942

On my WORLD'S FINEST BLOG, I recently wrote that I was really confused when writer Len Wein depicted Dr. Fate as a surgeon when readers knew he was an archaeologist. But Wein was remembering these later stories where Kent Nelson, was, in fact, a real doctor! Apparently he had forgotten that he'd lost the cape, the magic, the full helmet and the holier than thou dialogue, replacing it with Spider-Man style wisecracks, a magic ring and running through the air. Doc, you so wacky!

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jim said...

Ha ha!! DC really did f*ck with Dr. Fate's costume & powers,
didn't they??

He was a great character, but the problem with Fate was the
same problem with The Specter. They were just too powerful,
too omnipotent.

There was nothing they couldn't do. How do you write
interesting stories for them?