Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two-Gun Kid-Dick Ayers/Bill Everett-1966

We continue our undeclared Westerns week with the Two-Gun Kid at his most Marvelesque. With an enjoyable early plot from FB friend Steve Skeates, the real attraction here is the art from regular Dick Ayers, inked by Sub-Mariner creator Bill Everett. For some reason Bill chose to use his "Bill Roman" pseudonym. "Roman," of course, is "Namor" backwards! It's a mixed bag with some pages looking great, some rushed, and a couple looking to me like they were completely redrawn by Everett!


Britt Reid said...

Several panels look like they were done (or re-done) by Werner Roth, including Page7 Panel 6, Page 8 Panel 3 (Roth's distinctive fist) and Page 17 Panel 7.

Daniel [] said...

An obvious first guess as to why Everett used a pseudonym was that he were unhappy with the variability of the results. But, given his troubles, other explanations are also plausible.

One need make no reference to the paraleipsis in your calling this an “undeclared Westerns week”.