Friday, November 29, 2013

Death Patrol-Dave Berg-1942

MAD artist Dave Berg often gets picked on for his ultra-staid "Lighter Side" style of later years but here he is being full-out crazy creative for the Eisner shop's MILITARY COMICS in '42. The series ended with this installment, only to be revived later on with art by the somewhat staid Gill Fox.

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Daniel [] said...

Good grief! The killed members of the Death Patrol retconned back to life!?! I wonder how Jack Cole felt about that?

As a kid, I wasn't keen on heroes dying. I'm still not. But the defining characteristic of the Death Patrol was that members were killed. They might as well be called “the Oddball Flyers” (or, given Del's FUI, “the Goofball Flyers”) if that aspect is removed.