Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blazing Showdown-Tom Sutton/Bill Everett-1967

Finishing out unofficial Westerns week here at 4CS, we have  treat. Earlier we ran a western drawn by Tom Sutton. Then we ran a western inked by Bill Everett. Well, from 1967, here's a western drawn  by Tom Sutton AND inked by Bill Everett! An odd combination that gives a real odd feel to the whole thing.


Dan said...

Not only is the art combo odd, but Sol Brodsky as the writer is most unusual. I've seen artistic (and publisher from the short-lived Skywald line) credits for him, but don't recall any other writer's credits.

Daniel [] said...

Brodsky's writing credits at GCD

Daniel [] said...

Gah! Poor Everett!