Friday, February 1, 2013

Superman-Jerry Siegel/John Sikela/Ed Dobrotka-1942

This one's for Craig Yoe because it would have been right at home in his latest and greatest collection, COMICS ABOUT CARTOONISTS. In this parody of Al Capp and LI'L ABNER, Superman has to intervene to see that true love finds its way.  


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Yeah...a comic strip based on a real person (in your universe)? One who's already made it a habit to cheerfully abuse and terrorize you? Not smart, guy.

Wow, so this was a recurring thing back then? A year later, Superman would super-bully another comic artist who only wanted to retire his stale character (a Supes parody called "Geezer"). Instead of spinning him overhead, Superman actually threatened to drop his fellow to his death until he promised to continue the comic "for the sake of the war effort."

I know Superman always loved to shove mere mortals around in those days, but he seems oddly fixated on the comic book/strip industry...

Jim Vakalopoulos said...
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