Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Blonde Bomber-Barbara Hall-1942

Some interesting cinematic layouts here from Barbara Hall, one of the relative few women comic book artists of the Golden Age. She did most of her work for Harvey, later became an oil painter, and since I can't find confirmation of her death, may still be alive in her nineties. 


Unknown said...

Thanks for doing this.!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for doing this. This art is by my mother, Barbara Hall (Fiske Calhoun-- she married 2x) and I'd like to make a t shirt of the color first page next summer for a party we have in VT. in 1946 she and my father, writer and playwright and "anti-guru" Irving Fiske, founded a retreat for artists and writers that then became the longest-enduring hippie community in VT. How could I get this artwork? In a way that I could use it? (My niece is a graphic artist). Thanks!

Unknown said...

How can we get high-rez enough imagery of this for a t shirt for next year's party? Come to the party, especiallly if you tell me!