Saturday, November 10, 2012

Slam Bradley-Howard Sherman-1941

SUPERMAN co-creator Joe Shuster couldn't keep up with the early demand for Superman product and so had to hire ghosts. DC added additional ghosts. Writer Jerry Siegel, however, seemed quite capable of keeping up with the demand and, in fact, also scripted the adventures of The Star-Spangled Kid, The Spectre and, here for DETECTIVE COMICS, Slam Bradley. This particular story is drawn by Howard Sherman, best remembered for DOCTOR FATE. The Caniifesque art is a trademark of this strip along with the doesn't-quite-fit cartoony sidekick.

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Arben said...

I like me some good stylized lettering where it's appropriate but when my eyes scan the pages the 'E's here MAKE- E-VE-RYONE- LOOK LIKE- THE-Y'RE- E-ITHE-R STAMME-RING OR MAYBE- ROBOT PE-OPLE-.