Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Vision-Vince Alascia-1942

The Vision, although created by the Simon and Kirby team,  was one of the earliest characters to be written by Timely's Stan Lee. This particular story is credited with a question mark to Vince Alascia at GCD.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this one, always been a fan of the original Vision. That being said, he falls into the 1940's Timely formula of Americans fighting the Axis. Once he appears out of the smoke or fog he turns into Average Joe in his actions and speech. Guess I wanted him to be more Spectre-ish, more mysterious and less like the rest of the Timely bunch, settling conflicts with his fists. I still like him, even if they did call him the "master of fog and fumes"...sounds like he could use some Beano.

Paladin said...

Agreed on that one. you could replace the vision here with any patriotic hero here. he had more potential.