Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rocky and His Fiendish Friends-Al Kilgore-1962

Some of the funniest cartoons of all time are Jay Ward's Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Ward figured that if the lower-budget TV animation had to be limited, the least he could do was to make it up in the writing. Similarly, the comic books and strips of that same early sixties period featuring Ward's characters are among the funniest I've ever read! Why "fiendish friends" I don't know. Just read and laugh and enjoy! (GCD question marks Kilgore on this one but he's credited on the newspaper strip and this certainly looks to me like the same artist.)


John R. Platt said...


John Small said...

If memory serves the "Fiendish Friends" was a direct reference to Boris and Natasha.

Karl Wilcox said...

NOT drawn by Al Kilgore (though he may have written it). I'd recognize Kilgore's style anywhere. He did write and draw the 1st issue of ROCKY & HIS FIENDISH FRIENDS, a few other Rocky & Bulllwinkle Gold Key stories, the syndicated comic strip and the CAPN CRUNCH giveaways. But the Dells and the rest of the Gold Keys were drawn by other artists.