Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quicksilver-Fred Guardineer-1944

Here's one of our favorites around here, Fred Guardineer, with a particularly stylish tale of Quality's Quicksilver. later re-christened Max Mercury by Mark Waid when DC revived the character. He doesn't seem in the stories I've seen to be all that much of a speedster--more of just an all-round super kind of guy. Guardineer lived long enough to be acknowledged and feted by fandom for his years of Golden Age comics work.

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Daniel [] said...

Prior to your entry here, the one Quicksilver comic that I recall having seen was that posted by Paul Christley Tumey at Cole's Comics.

As Cole depicted the character, he was definitely a speedster. Now, he also exhibited the sorts of feats of strength that one doesn't generally see from the heroes whose speed is taken to be their defining super-power, but of course it becomes harder to explain these characters if they don't have an incredible underlying strength.