Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where The Undead Roam-Ben Benulis/Jack Abel-1953

Here we have a genuinely creepy horror story from a1953 Fiction House issue of THE MONSTER. The art is by Ben Benulis and Jack Abel, two who paired up pretty regularly for a while in that period, mostly for Timely/Atlas. In spite of an art style that would have been right at home at Warren in the sixties, Benulis opted to leave the industry in the late fifties slump and never returned. By contrast, Abel would stay on in comics in various capacities for the remainder of his life in spite of health setbacks, with a notable period inking Curt Swan's SUPERMAN in the late sixties.

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Iron Clad Ben said...

Any possible ways to contact this Ben Benulis? Is he still alive? That is my name too, which I thought was unique.