Monday, January 17, 2011

Captain Science-Harry Harrison-1952

From a 1952 issue of FANTASTIC, this CAPTAIN SCIENCE story is signed by artists Harry Harrison and Ernie Bache. Harrison and Wallace Wood were artistic partners in the early fifties at EC and elsewhere. Wood is also known for a number of CAPTAIN SCIENCE stories drawn in 1950. GCD lists this story as the last appearance of Captain Science but I find myself wondering if perhaps it was actually a leftover from the earlier series as it certainly looks like Wood's lettering throughout. Certain panels have a Wood feel also but I suppose that could be either intentional or subconscious from former collaborator Harrison. Harrison, by the way, drifting into writing instead of drawing. He wrote much of the late fifties-early sixties FLASH GORDON continuity for Dan Barry (and whoever was then ghosting for him). Later he became a well-respected science-fiction novelist with one of his many popular genre novels being the basis for the classic movie, SOYLENT GREEN.

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