Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lady Luck-Klaus Nordling-1950

I never really paid much attention to Klaus Nordling before but he was GOOD! He did quite a bit of work for Quality Comics, ghost-drew a bunch of the post-watr SPIRIT strips for Will Eisner and did some enchanting Christmas comics--some of which you can find reprinted in the just published book, THE GREAT TREASURY OF CHRISTMAS COMIC BOOK STORIES. His main claim to fame in comics history, though, was LADY LUCK, which ran as one of the back-up features in THE SPIRIT SECTION with reprints in SMASH COMICS. SMASH eventually became LADY LUCK and Nordling did all-new stories in a style reminiscent of Howie Post, Jack Cole and Will Eisner--such as the one seen here.


Duy Tano said...

Holy cow, I thought this was Cole at first glance.

Kip W said...

Mom saved a bunch of Spirit sections from '42-3 (she subscribed to an out-of-town paper to get them), and each one has a four-page Lady Luck story, mostly by Nordling — some early ones seem to be by Nick Cardy. Great storytelling in just four pages, but I'll bet he was happy to spread it out a little.

In the 60s, she took her Scout troop to a Wonder Bread bakery in Denver and they brought home an "Alice in WONDER-land" promo comic, which I realized a couple of years ago was drawn by Nordling as well. Very nice work, too. I've scanned it.

Thanks for eleven more pages of this great material!