Friday, November 19, 2010

Hugo the Werewolf-George Gladir and Orlando Busino-1961

It's so weird but George Gladir and I, he the longtime writer for CRACKED and creator of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH for Archie Comics, have kind of become friends. George called to chat the other day and we talked about BATS, the monster parody comic Archie came out with in 1961. Created by George and magazine panel cartoonist Orlando Busino, it was similar enough to ARCHIE'S MAD HOUSE that when BATS folded due to what George presumes was Comics Code pressure (no vampires and such allowed under the code..even in jest), much similar material began appearing in the sister magazine...and usually written by George! For more info, see not one but TWO of Craig Yoe's upcoming Archie volumes!

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The Eggplant said...

Does the moral apply equally to those who are 97-pound weaklings to begin with?