Friday, May 24, 2019

Kinker Kincaid-1944

Whoever scanned this one seems to think the art us by someone name "Terry Gillson," I believe. GCD has nothing but question marks and I don't see Gillson in Bails' Who's Who. 


Jake Oster writes, "The Kinker Kincaid artist may be Terry Gilkison (1892-1957). Gilkison did  "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" type features for Ned Pines’ Thrilling pulp magazines in the 1930s.Gilkison also did The Flying Fox in More Fun Comics #37–38, 41–51 (November 1938–January 1940). After WW2, he contributed one-panel gag cartoons to Gee Whiz and Humorama, which were digest-sized humorous pin-up magazines for men. 

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Whiplash said...

It's Terry Gilkison. He's in Bails but it doesn't list him working for Prize.