Friday, August 5, 2016

The Fin-Bill Everett-1941

For an artist known for his unfortunate drinking problem, it almost seems strange that Bill Everett's early heroes all seemed water-based. Perhaps it's because he was raised in Watertown, Massachusetts?


  1. While his drinking is certainly a known factor of his overall biography, I'm a bit surprised that the great Steven Thompson writes that this is what Everett is "known for"...! I would make a benign argument that his lush and better-than-his-peers sense of storytelling, inks and washes, and development of the first real anti-hero in comics is what his rep is staked on more than his time in AA! Still grateful for all your posts of course.

  2. In fact, there is more artistry in his signature than in many of his peers' entire bodies of work.

  3. Let's not get overly sensitive, four color fans...Mr. Everett's name rarely gets mentioned in print w/o a mention of his unfortunate drinking habits.

    Personally, I find a little dark humor in the fact that a few of his creations were "liquid" themed.

    So that being said let's not make Prince Namor's Daddy a Sacred Cow....