Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Jaguar-John Rosenberger-1961

The Jaguar was an early reaction to the DC and by then Marvel (FF at least) superhero revival from Archie. Although never sophisticated, his adventures--mostly, as here, written by Atlas vet Robert Bernstein, were passable fun and mad at least rudimentary efforts at establishing a continuity. Unsure why he went away and wasn't added to the company's Mighty Crusaders group, though (although this was remedied in the '80s revival). Some lovely if unspectacular art throughout the series from John Rosenberger.


cartoonjoe said...

A couple of thoughts:

1. "The Jaguar"? THAT'S his magic word? I mean, I know comic book writers didn't get paid a whole lot back then, but jeez, would it have killed them to actually come up with something a little more...imaginitive?

2. Didn't Cat Girl match wits with The Fly, too (or maybe I'm mis-remembering this)?

3. Why didn't those explorers not noticing ol' what's-his-name sneaking off when trouble's a-brewing? Heck, even Clark Kent had the wherwithall to at least have a handy (if lame) excuse to explain his sudden disappearances...but then that might have more to do with the aforementioned underpaid writer, I suppose.

Ed said...

You're right! I have a Fly issue with Cat Girl (and it guest stars the Black Hood too)