Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fantastic Fear-Gil Kane/Wallace Wood-1967

Ya gotta look hard to actually recognize Wood's style on this and harder to catch Kane's underneath it.  But Roy Thomas says it's them and he wrote these little Topps mini-comics. They're all NOT BRAND ECHH style humor but I think this is my favorite.


  1. Hello There,

    Page 6, the picture of the Thing, and especially page 3, also of the running Thing, both do look like Gil's work. He liked to draw those extreme poses, especially in regards to the legs, along with forward momentum.

    This is a very cool comic, I have never heard of these before, and was wondering how small are they?

    And thanks for posting all of these comics, I have actually enjoyed many of them over the last few months.


  2. Thank YOU, sir! And these are posted here pretty close to the original size!

  3. Kane worked on the story pencils but the cover is pure WOOD