Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Unknown-Rudy Palais-1943

Another tale of THE UNKNOWN from Quality Comics with some wonderful art and layouts from Rudy Palais.


  1. Deucedly slapdash scripting there!

    Anyway, how does one recognize this work as by Rudy Palais, if it doesn't have sweat and spittle flying off the characters?

  2. I do recognise it. Page 21 there is the way the character holds his hand in front of his head. Just like a similar picture in the "the Pioneers" classics illustrated. And the galloping horses are definitely his work, not to mention the arrangement of the panels. The structure of the figures are a bit false sometimes but there is a certain drama in this man's work that has always attracted me. Thanks for posting his work. I find it exciting seeing how he tackles different subjects.