Friday, April 19, 2013

Satchmo-Jerry Fasano-1948

Wasn't able to track down any info on artist Jerry Fasano here. Even the estimable Lambiek says simply that he was a comic book artist...which is kinda obvious. And a pretty good one, too!

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  1. Steve,
    The other place to look if there's little information is Jerry Bails Who's Who (although you have to be careful, as it was frozen when Jerry died and there are known corrections to be made to the database). It adds:
    Fasano, Gerald T.
    Funnies, Inc 1945-1946
    (pen/ink (unconfirmed))
    Parent's Magazine Press 1946
    Eastern Color Printing 1948-1954
    Hillman 1950
    Lev Gleason 1950
    Quality 1950
    Marvel Comics 1952
    Ziff-Davis Comics 1950-1953
    (non-comics) Picture World Encyclopedia 1959

    The GCD lists this story is from Eastern's Juke Box Comics #4 (Sept 1948).
    Hope this helps!