Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rockman-Basil Wolverton-1941

Wolverton's grotesque caricatures are remembered from his humor pieces but they took on a whole new meaning when he drew them in straight superhero or sci-fi settings as seen here. Rockman's subtitle, Underground Secret Agent, was due to the fact that he appeared in Timely's USA COMICS.


  1. Wow!! That was great. The early Golden Age super heroes could be quite merciless & the villains often met a harsh (but justified) end.

  2. Wolverton's work is so unique and intriguing. He doesn't depict the real world or what could be the way most comics do, instead he somehow puts you in a trans, teleporting you to the world of dreams, to places where the most absurd things make sense.

  3. Reads and looks like some Hank Fletcher "epic" with slightly better anatomy. I'd like to see more!