Sunday, September 26, 2010

Terrible Encounter-Jay Disbrow-1953

Artist Jayson "Monkeyman" Disbrow is perhaps an acquired taste. His figures are stiff but his page design is never boring and his backgrounds often quite detailed. He worked regularly in comics and advertising beginning in the fifties, was discovered by fandom in the seventies and managed to exploit his own fame quite well. I actually met him at a Con in Philadelphia in 1977. In the 21st Century, he began and eventually completed a long-running sci-fi web comic entitled AROC OF ZENITH, arguably his best work ever!

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  1. I love this story and so happy it is online. I haven't read much of Disbrow's work because not much of it has ever been reprinted but it is so good. Of course it is clunky and mannered but Disbrow has a beautiful earnestness and sincerity that pulls you through, plus the inking is stellar. I love all the E.C. stuff but this is a rare pleasure of a different kind.