Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Focus:Danger-Don Perlin-1968

In the late sixties, just before editor Dick Giordano defected from Charlton to National/DC, the former company was trying some fascinating experiments. For one thing their revived STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES served as a kind of SHOWCASE for new concepts and characters. Here, for instance, fifties artist Don Perlin (later to be known for his work at Marvel on WEREWOLF BY NIGHT) is given his head and comes up with FOCUS:DANGER, a sort of I SPY idea with a black and a white adventurer. Whether this was wholly original or was, in fact, "inspired" by the newspaper comic strip DATELINE:DANGER with similar black and white protagonists and which premiered in the comics pages that same year is not known. Still, it's some of the best work by Perlin I've seen.

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  1. Steve: Amazing stuff. The layouts are so perfect to the story, and the artwork is just stunning. I've never seen this. Now I have to look this title up, of course. Thanks for sharing.