Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Vision-John Fuller-1979

This rare solo Vision piece was the cover story in a 1979 issue of the UK's MARVEL COMIC. GCD doesn't seem to know that as they show its premiere as a backup story in TALES TO ASTONISH in 1980, retitled "Double Vision" and with color and additional credits added. Here's the original. 


jessiesgirl9 said...

Hi my dad (John fuller) recently passed away and he is the artist. Can you tell me where you found these images? Do you have an original of this insert? I’m trying to get a copy. So grateful you posted this

Booksteve said...

Hi. Sorry to hear about your dad. This story appeared in color in TALES TO ASTONISH # 12, 1980 in the US. As I write this, there's a very inexpensive copy on eBay here:

Jason Sacks said...

Hey @jessiesgirl9, I'm not sure if you're still monitoring these comments but I recently bought two pages of art that were penciled by your dad around 1978. They were never published. I thought you might want to see them. Let me know if you'd like higher res scans of them.