Friday, January 3, 2020

Sam Hill-Harry Sahle-1950

The least Archie-like of the post-MLJ Archie series until the mid-70s, this one is generally associated with Harry Lucey but GCD tells me this particular story is Harry Sahle. 


Brian Barnes said...

This one is definitely full of un-announced stuff: the niece being a bow and arrow expert for one. Knowing the publisher, it's not surprising the uncle's fate was shown off camera.

But if the point of this story was to make all it's young, straight male readers want to become detectives, it succeeded!

Page 6, panel 2 is a nicely done panel.

バーンズ エリック said...

I think Harry Sahle (- Ginger, this time) did a good job of copying Harry Lucey's look for the strip, including however what looks to me like a number of Lucey swipes from previous stories. Was it the same writer, though? The dialog reads pretty much the same, but the plotting isn't as tight. The 'bow and arrow' angle is as mentioned out of left field, but it ties up with the niece too quickly and mostly out of camera. I was expecting a triple cross to be honest and was disappointed when it didn't come.