Monday, January 20, 2020

Capt. Marvel Jr.-Mac Raboy-1942


Not a political commentary, I swear, just a seminal Mac Raboy story!



Unknown said...

It's sad when fighting Nazis is viewed as "getting political."

Brian Barnes said...

I can understand why if you had, say, Cap and Bucky and the rest, World War II could go on. But the entire Marvel family? It wouldn't take them more than a couple days to wreck every military unit in the entire Nazi army ... and next month he'll be in Hitler's Headquarters (of horror!)?!?! Just finish the war next month!

There's so much fun here. Nazis as villains is always great, even setting up how evil Captain Nazi is here (killing the captain that saved him) is kind of ... quaint ... in comparison to the real horrors of the Nazis. I do like that the captain doesn't seem to know who the guy in the green Nazi leotard is!

And I don't care how "magnificent" his physique is, being punched through a brick wall should have turned him into jelly!