Monday, January 6, 2020

The Day Before Doomsday-Jack Kirby/Dick Ayers-1962

A tale torn from the daily headlines--then and now, unfortunately.


Brian Barnes said...

Thankfully, the "commies" never check their work!

Fun early Kirby work, with a lot of Kirby signatures, like the floating heads panel on page 2. The lift off on the last page is classic Kirby sci-fi stuff that's so entertaining to look at, even after all these years.

バーンズ エリック said...

The I'm-not-REALLY-a-traitor plots were pretty common at Marvel and other companies at the time, maybe more often in the context of alien invasions than Soviet aggression, but the communist angle here got me thinking how much the case of the Rosenbergs colored them. The comics industry had a higher Jewish quotient than society at large and I don't know if there was necessarily then much sympathy for the Jewish Rosenbergs or a feeling of collective taint that was being reacted against or if there was anything connected at all there, but it was something that was historically in the air at that time with the case & executions only about a decade before.