Saturday, June 30, 2018

Kate Hunter-Joe Kubert/Carmine Infantino-1977

If you missed it, go back and read yesterday's story before this one. You'll see why.

Here we see Joe Kubert's Kate Hunter inserted into a slightly different story than yesterday's original, but not by much. Infantino's art has been simplified here and there and many of the Clansman just disappear from the first version. The dialogue has also been simplified to fit the young audience this version was intended to help teach. By switching the gender of the character, too, the added message of "Girls can do it!"comes into play. Plus she gets a cool logo! Burr never had a logo of his own. 

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rnigma said...

Mr. Kitty profiled the "Super A" comic some time ago:

I have to give Kubert credit - his new art didn't clash with the panels where Infantino's "Warrior Shepherd" art was reused.